2 comments on “Pinbot Restoration – Cabinet restore (Part 2)

  1. Nice job!
    I’m about to tackle the same job. I’m ordering my stencils from the pimp today. I was hoping you would mention more about paint brand and color. Im stationed in Panama at the moment and will need to order my paints from the U.S.. I haven’t seen any places to have things color matched here. Can you share the brand and color you used?
    Thanks, Tony

    • Hi Tony,

      Good choice on the the Pinball Pimp stencils – they are good quality and Jeff is a good bloke. I hope he continues to add more stencils to his range. With regards to the colours, I don’t recall the brand. I ended up borrowing a colour book from a local paint shop and then matching them as best as possible. Originally I used a pantone colour book and got an accurate match, but the paint stores couldn’t do the colours. Since you’re painting the entire area, getting an exact match is less of an issue (compared with touching up areas). I’ve seen a few people mention using Krylon paint and using “Sun Yellow” and “Banner Red” for the colours (black is just black). From what I’ve read, the colours varied slightly also as the machines were painted in different locations with some variations in the types of paint used – so even getting an exact match against one machine, will not match some others.

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