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My first go at play field touch up.

Just below the base of the ramp at the top of the play field, a spot had worn away completely (across orange, yellow and some blue). There was also some marking along the orange flame a little further down which required some attention.

Fireball classic play field touchup
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When going through the Fireball machine for the first time, I noticed some cut wires down the right hand side of the cabinet. I made a note of it and moved on. Only later did it occur to me I couldn’t find the knocker.

I went back to those 3 wires and noticed a small metal plate against the side of the cabinet. So this is where the knocker -used- to be. But for some reason, it had been removed.

Fireball classic missing knocker
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While I’m waiting on parts to arrive for the pop bumpers and a few different paint colours for the play field, I decided to do some work on the back glass lighting.

The colours on the Fireball Classic backglass are well known to fade over time. Mine isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but it would have looked so much better when it rolled off the production line.

One method I could use to bring back some colour is used covers over the bulbs. Using a combination of yellow and red covers, I could help breath some colour back into the backglass.

For things like High score, Match, Tilt, etc I left those with no covers.

Fireball classic backglass lamps
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I had put off looking at the spinner, but decided today I’d pull it out of the play field and take a look. It was running a little loud, so figured a clean and some grease should be all it needed.

From the photo too you can see where I’ve started trying to match the orange paint around the spinner to tidy it up a bit. The colour on the left is getting pretty close, while the colour at the bottom is a little light. Once it’s done, I doubt many people will notice.

Fireball classic spinner

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Fireball has 8 small roll over targets in the middle of the play field. They surround the large spinning fireball and can toggle the ball save kicker on and off (along with award points).

They probably haven’t been pulled out of the machine since it was constructed 29 years ago, so figured I might as well spend half an hour giving them a clean and polish.

Fireball classic mini roll overs
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