2 comments on “Fireball Classic – Backglass lighting

  1. Great restore! Love watching your progress!

    I have a question about the back glass. When you slide it out to the side, do the top and bottom have protective trim strips attached to the glass or is it just the bare glass on the top and bottom and protective strips attached on the left and right?

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoy the write ups. I plan to finish the machine off over the Xmas break. I just need to install the new side art and t-moulding and then I’m done.

      With regards to the backglass, on mine, I have black trim only on the left and right sides of the glass. If you check out my original post for this machine (here: Day 1) you can see the backglass removed and the trim on either side.

      I can’t say if that’s how it’s supposed to be, but it seems like it would be smart to have trim on the top and bottom to better protect the artwork from damage – but that may mean it no longer fits the door correctly. I’m tempted to buy some and try it out though.

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