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Some good progress was made tonight. The big milestone. The cab has power! (and nothing blew up!). But first up, the screen has been installed. The monitor has been moved into it’s final position, and the acrylic overlay and artwork can now sit on top. A cross bar (bit of pine) sits at the base and has been cut to put some pressure against the base of the acrylic. The control panel will sit on the other side, and the join will be hidden with some black t molding I have.

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I have been working on and off at night after the kids are in bed. Getting in an hour or two here or there is helping things along. The printer completed the screen artwork late last week (just after Easter). So I had a quick drive out to pick it up Saturday morning. I’m really happy with how it has come up. He has laminated it on to the acrylic, so it’s ready to go 🙂

Screen artwork
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