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With Pinbot safely at home now, I’ve spent the last two weeks doing lot of investigating on the machine to find what parts I must replace, what I’d like to replace and what will be fine after a good clean. Just like I did with my previous projects, I’ve been putting together a spreadsheet with part numbers, suppliers and prices so I can organise it all to minimise shipping costs and get the best for my $. It also helps me organise purchases so I can work on the machine in sections and I’m not caught short and leave sections incomplete because I don’t have the parts (that still does happen at times, but planning minimises it). I’ve been able to use the experience gained from those projects to help improve how I plan this stuff out and it’s good to see clear lessons learnt along the way.

There are a few things I can work on now however to begin getting the machine back online and (eventually) inside the house where it will live. First up was putting a proper latch on the headbox. The latch that was attached only hooked onto a small screw and didn’t give me a lot of confidence in it.

Pinbot old latch
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I couldn’t resist digging through the parts box today and doing some cleaning on the extra plastics. Most of these I wont need (thankfully as many have small sections missing), but I wanted to get them cleaned up anyway in case I do need them. Otherwise I can move them on to good homes once the project is complete where they can be useful.

Most (….well all) of these have been sitting around for god knows how long, so are covered in dust and dirt. Eucalyptus oil, Novus 2 and Novus 1 work wonders. There is some fading in one or two of the pieces sadly, but not much I can do about that.


Spare pinbot plastics dirty
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