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I’ve managed to build up a backlog of crap boxes to get through. I’ve been focusing on various projects and the spare parts boxes are a low priority. That means they have been sitting around collecting dust. I’ve stopped buying them now as I’ve got more spare parts than I know what to do with. The boxes have come in handy on recent projects, so purchasing them has been worth it. But with my shelves full, there is no need add to it. This post will cover crap box #4 which will be followed by #5 and #6 when I get to them. At a grand total of $21 for the content in this post, it makes the box the most expensive crap box to date, but there was one part here I really wanted. This box looks to have a nice mix of things in it too, so time to dig in 🙂

Pinball Parts
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Here I was thinking I would not get to look at finishing the Fireball Classic decals until the new year. Railways pulled off an amazing Christmas Miracle and managed to get a new custom set of side rails delivered just before Xmas day. No reason to delay, I wanted to get the side art completed ASAP. This update will cover the right side and the final update (part 4) will cover the progress on the left side. The new side rails fit perfectly and the button could now sit correctly.

Fireball Pinball
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