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One of the first things I tested when bringing the cockpit home was the coin mech. All my machines accept coins. There is something satisfying about having your coins lined up on the machine ready to go, and then placing the coin in – hearing that click – and beginning your game. It’s part of the experience and therefor is something I want all my machines to have. It’s not a proper arcade machine without a functioning coin mech 🙂

I have all my games set to accept 20c coins. Although in this case, it isn’t going to accept 20c coins:

coin mech
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One of the small things on my to do list was to repaint the rear speak grills. They were looking worn and faded and with some small attention could be made to look as good as new again. Since I had the rear of the machine on it’s side (working on the shifter), I figured I could do this at the same time.

I removed the bracket holding the rear acrylic in placed, and then the two screws holding the back panel to the machine. There were cobwebs and dust everywhere, so a quick once over with the vacuum tidied it up nicely.

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