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It’s time to get into some heavy duty cleaning on Baywatch. The only way to do that, is get everything off the playfield so I have unrestricted access to the lot. People can underestimate how long this process takes, especially on DMD era machines. Pulling a playfield down can be quick, but cleaning everything and getting it all back on (in the correct layout and order) takes up more time than you expect. As always, it’s best to take a lot of photos along the way with this process. I prefer to do the playfield areas in smaller batches, but due to the number of ramps and rails, it isn’t possible here. The lower playfield area and apron have been dealt with in previous updates, so now I have the top two thirds to contend with. Although the machine is dirty, it’s going to clean up nicely.

Baywatch Pinball Repair
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First off the bat in this update is the ball eject assembly. This is the guy that serves the ball up into the shooter lane. Nothing is wrong with it other than it needs a good clean (although I have to admit it’s the cleanest part of the ball trough on this machine).

Pinbot ball eject assembly
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