2 comments on “Bride of Pinbot 2.0 – Repair & Service Log #4

  1. hello there
    i‘m restoring my bride of pinbot, too.
    would be great if you could help me out with this little problem:
    do you know what post (part number) is used to hold the left ramp (the one in the back on the left side)? mine is missing.
    thanks for an answer in advance.

    • Hi,

      The metal post part numbers are listed on page 2-30 of the manual. Pretty sure the one you’re after will either be 02-4322-1, 02-4322-8 or 02-4322-19. They will all be the same style, just different lengths. I’m not sure which one is required for that specific spot however. The manual also lists the number of posts used in the game for each of the part numbers. So if that’s the only one missing from your game, you can count the other posts and compare to the manual to see which one it is.



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