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The Pinbot playfield swap continues to move forward, with bits and pieces done each day. Following on from my previous update, the first task to report on is getting everything on the old playfield ready to dump/move/slide/transfer across to the new one. This involves removing all screws, so anything attached to the underside of the playfield is free to be moved. It also means the removal of all staples holding the GI sockets to the playfield and the ground braid that runs between them. There are a few instances where wires had been soldered to lamp socket screws, which means they will need to be desoldered first so I can remove the screw. I started at the base of the playfield and slowly worked my way up to the top. Eventually I had worked my way up the entire playfield, leaving nothing attached to the surface. It just looks like a big mess.

Pinbot Pinball Restoration
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This update kicks off with the safe arrival of a package from Titan Pinball in the USA. Inside, red and blue silicon “rubber” rings which will replace the white rubber and add some extra cool factor to the playfield. Also included are post sleeves, mini post rings and new shooter rod tip. I was really impressed with the customer service from Titan and will order from them again. I’m really looking forward to seeing the rings installed and how they respond during play.

Pinbot Pinball Machine
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