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With Funhouse completed and back to the owner, I was able to enjoy the vacant space it left for a matter of minutes before it was filled with the next machine on the list. The next game to receive a rebuild is a Dr Who. Released by Bally in 1992, with over 7700 machines built – it’s a great theme and a really fun game to play. In its current state, the game is basically unplayable due to a few issues which I’d like to get sorted first. Overall condition (once you see past the dust) is actually really nice. Cabinet is solid (some fade, but minimal damage) and the playfield is really decent. It’s going to clean up nicely and I’m excited to test it once complete!

Dr Who Pinball Repair
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I was very excited today to bring a Pinbot machine home – finally – one to call my own.

I’ve been on the look out for one for a number of months now and it was supposed to be the second machine in my “fleet” (…I however went on to buy a lovely Space Orbit and Fireball Classic project when nothing was turning up).

What makes the purchase even better in my eyes however is it’s a project machine. Not content to just buy and play, I’m eager to restore a machine I want to keep for a long time and have the satisfaction of doing the work myself.

Pinbot project machine
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