4 comments on “Nugent – Kicker (Saucer) service & soundboard

  1. I have a Nugent. When I got it all the boards were missing except the soundboard . I now have all the new boards installed and I dont know how to connect the sound board . there are no guides to tell me which cable goes where on the mpu…both connectors have wires in every pin location so it can be a bit confusing without a schematic.
    Can you help me figure it out?

  2. Well, I used a Wildfyre schematic and put it all together and No Sound. Reflowed the solder around the pins and That fixed it 🙂 .

  3. How disappointing are these sounds though? I’m trying to figure out a way to reprogram the chip to play different sounds, like those used on Stern Quicksilver.

    • That would be an interesting project! Although Quicksilver uses the newer SB-300 board (and CPU board) compared with Nugent – so I imagine you would be limited to the capabilities of the SB-100 board. I’m curious about what’s possible though 🙂

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