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Over 12 months ago I purchased my first EM – Space Orbit – which is a Single player add-a-ball machine that was exported to Italy by Gottlieb. The machine eventually found its way back to Australia, changing hands via the Pinball Shed and a private collector before it reached me. For the most part, the machine has been running fine. Some initial issue with one of the add-a-ball switches requiring adjustment and the stepper unit that rotates the lit WOW lamps. But that’s about all. My intention isn’t to service the whole machine, but to look at a few issues that have either crept into the game play over time, or have been there since day one and sort them out. The first issue I want to look at is the vari-target. This is one of the main shots on the game, so it’s important it functions correctly. The idea behind it is simple – hit the ball against the vari-target arm as hard as possible to push it back – the further back it goes the more points you get. If you get it all the way back and the lamp is lit – you also score the special (or in this case WOW) – which is a free ball.

Space Orbit Pinball
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