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Progress on Counterforce has been good over the last few weeks and the machine has served as an excellent introduction to the System 80 platform by Gottlieb. My attention is now turning towards the playfield and the various assemblies that make up the game. I like to start working from the bottom of the playfield and progress up to the top. It helps break the overall task down into a more manageable state and also allows me to test things as I go. So first up on the playfield will be the apron and ball serve assembly. The apron and shooter cover are in reasonable condition and won’t need much more than a clean. I have the alternative score and instruction cards that were unused and can go on once complete. The shooter rod has already been removed and rebuilt (included in my last update).

Counterforce Pinball
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The final part covering my 12 month service of my Nugent. In some respects, it’s getting a much better playfield clean than when I rebuilt it this time last year. Although I replaced many old and worn parts, I didn’t give enough attention to the surface of the playfield. It was wiped down but I didn’t have the knowledge or confidence at the time to do more. The apron area has been taken care of, as has the lower playfield area. Now on to the upper half. First step was to remove everything. This includes the rebound rubber and gates. There is quite a bit of crap built up already.

Nugent Pinball
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