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It’s been quite awhile since I last did any work on my Pinbot. Not really intentional, but other pinball projects / tasks came up (Counterforce, Mariner, Last Action Hero) which were more pressing. A lot of hard work went into the machine in earlier posts and it’s been a lot of fun to play. One thing has remained outstanding though – the playfield swap. Almost 2 years ago now (July 29th, 2014) a CPR gold playfield arrived, which I wanted to install into my machine. Time sure has flown and I didn’t realise how long I had put it off. Doing a playfield swap is no easy task and certainly not something to perform quickly – so it’s been easy to push the task off until later. But it will be put off no longer. I feel ready to take the task on and essentially complete my work on Pinbot. I have a new CPR reproduction plastic set waiting to go on too, along with LEDs and some coloured Titan silicon “rubbers”. This machine is going to look f*cking awesome once done. The CPR playfield looks amazing.

Pinbot Pinball Restoration
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