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This has been a very busy week working on the cab. Firstly, my new monitor arrived Many, many thanks to a friend on Aussie Arcade for his assistance in getting it to my door!

I was not going to continue the quest with sorting out the jumping on the VGA monitor. The solution set me back around $240 for the monitor and chassis (with postage) but it puts an end to the problem and I can get the cab complete Plus it means I can play Wonderboy (and now Bubble Bobble too) with an awesome display Since the monitor had arrived, I organised a mate to lend a hand with it’s installation the following saturday (and any issues that were to be encountered).

So first up was to pull the VGA monitor and frame out, and put in a new one. I spent the first night building a new frame. It was done the same way as the first – a flat panel, with a huge hole cut in the middle. I added some raised parts for the actual monitor frame to attach to. Primed and painted with a few coats (over the rest of the week).

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