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I find it hard to believe I’ve had my Galaga machine now for over 3 and a half years. This machine is where it all began for me. Seems like yesterday I was constructing it and playing it for the first time. Before this project, I would struggle to hang a picture on the wall properly. I’ve since gone on to build and restore several arcade machines and I now find myself wrapped up in Pinball restoration and repairs. Time flies all too fast. Recently I purchased a 4/8 restrictor board to install into this machine and decided to fix up two other issues at the same time.

Over the 3.5 years, the machine has held up really well. Even with two young kids in the house, there is minimal cabinet damage and marking. The coin slot has survived a few scares as the kids loved to insert anything they could find into the slot (and if they were lucky, it would pass straight through and come out the return slot – which made doing it again even more appealing).

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I have ordered my JAMMA board today. $89AU + postage. Quite reasonable.

As I said in my last post, it’s a 60 in 1 multiboard. It includes some trackball games – so I need to add a trackball to my list of considerations for the cabs control panel. There should be enough room, as I will only have single player controls.

I have seen a few different types of 60 in 1 boards – most seemed to contain a core set of 30 odd games. The rest were a mixture of trackball games, speed up versions of other games or some random 80’s games. It’s probably worth having a look at few types to see which one best suits you. They seem to be easy to come by.  Places like OzStick, GameDude and even eBay can help you out here.