2 comments on “Pole Position Restoration – Servicing the shifter

  1. I have a stand up p.p., and my shifter will switch from high to low from time to time for no apparent reason. Is my shifter bad? Replacebmicro switches? Not sure…thank you!

    • It could be a more sinister issue, but the first thing (and easier thing) to examine would be the microswitch and it’s connectors. If you’re happy the switch is fine, then it’s worth tracing the wiring on the harness back to the PCB to ensure the wiring is OK and not broken (possibly shorting). From there have a look at the edge connector and the wiring connector to ensure the wires for the shifter are making good contact. If everything there looks good it could be a fault on the PCB. But check the easy things first. That microswitch on the shifter would get a fair work out over the years and could certainly be the source of the problem.

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