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After some initial hunting around the internet, the first decision I need to make is: Buy or Build. The two most important factors for me will be how authentic the cab feels, and also the price (I will be working with a budget). I came across a VERY useful site tonight – which appears to have a wealth of knowledge. Before making any decisions, I’m going to do some more reading here and see what I can find.

There are a number of places across Australia, and some in Melbourne who supply arcarde cabs. They are more expensive than I remember, although that could be because they are becoming rarer over time.

Another early decision I need to make is Upright or Tabletop. I’m not too fussed either way, although an upright would be preferred. I remember them being easier to play at over long periods of time, plus they take up less space. So if space is a factor for you, an upright would be the best choice.

After many years of wanting to own an arcade cab, I have come to the decision that this year will be the year it happens. Thanks in part to some supportive words from my Wife. In the past I have gotten as far as making a few phone calls to people listed in the Melbourne Trading post, but not much further. This time will be different 🙂

I have decided to add a new category to the blog and record my research here. I hope it will aid others who are interesting in picking up their first arcade cab by sharing any knowledge I gain.

First step, I’m going to have a look around online and see what I can find locally here in Melbourne. I’m unsure how many suppliers there are, costs involved, availability, etc. So stay tuned.